The North East of Scotland – I’ve always loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen and am blessed to live in Aberdeenshire: Scotland’s Larder. Scotland’s food exports totalled £6.3 Billion in 2019, Aberdeenshire area is just 16% of Scotland but 50% of National Food Exports come from here.

This is an area with an abundance of superb locally grown produce and a lot of innovative food products.

Buzzylives started as my Coffee blog, and morphed into a bigger Aberdeen Food Project: A Coffee Map, A New Kingswells Local Market, Local Food Collabs, and a Cook Book 2020.

Mhairi Millar, MA Politics (Hons) Edin. DipJourn. I am a Foodie, interested in local food, more so in light of Brexit- where we are losing control and knowledge of our food sources. Quality is important and local Food is traceable, organic, full of nutrients and buying local is best for our economy.