Content Writing

Content Writing is providing stand-out content for the web – either on a newsletter, email, blog, web page, landing page or general product/sale information. I’ve had a variety of experience writing content for local, national and international business, primary schools and local tourist boards. As a trained journalist – and copywriter – writing is my craft.


Copywriting is a skill, a craft and it is to engage readers, through clever words/headlines, SEO Marketing, interesting content and should increase readers and customers. I’ve completed a Copywriting course, SEO training, proofreading and enjoy creating content for business success.


As a trained journalist – I love blogging for business. Providing attention grabbing headlines to attract readers, and my content is information, not hard selling, and adds value to readers. From this I use lever SEO for Google searches and provide backlinks to sales, sign-ups/webpage, to increase sales traffic. Ultimately I learn the business and their unique selling points and make a campaign to increase sales and followers with clever blogging and creative web strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Planning social media to increase followers/customer base – using lead magnets to grow following/entice sales or sign-ups. Important to also keep existing followers interested with a regular informative and eye-catching display on Instagram/Facebook. Using Hootsuite/Ripl/Buffer and your data/Stock pics. The careful wording of tweets – using SEO and “Click Bait” Headlines and buzz words. “Customer – Centric Content” and Analytics, programs to assess readers/level of engagement.

SEO Marketing

Using key words in headlines and text, to climb Google Search Ranks. Using Google Analytics to check.

Blogging, Web Copy & Social Media

Copywriting is a skill, setting the right tone for a business. I’m trained in Copywriting techniques, blogging, SEO and Social Media for Business.

Rates will be discussed on a project by project basis. Please contact Mhairi for further information.