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Pacari Chocolates

Yes, but only a certain kind of chocolate. This cannot be said for all chocolate – many well-known brands are full of sugar and contain very little cacao goodness.
Pacari is different. A game-changer. Pacari turned around the entire industry in Ecuador. The industry changed from exporting cocoa – into a family-run business making chocolate with cacao beans. Pacari was at the heart of this change; making chocolate to export; ‘from tree to bar’, retaining the nutrition and taste of their world famous cacao.
Pacari chocolate contains high amounts of cacao, ranging from 60% to 100% in their chocolate, ticking all the boxes on the ‘healthy’ list of flavonoids, iron and antioxidants. This is in stark contrast to the low cocoa/high sugar branded chocolate bars dominating the marketplace. So, what’s the difference between cocoa and cacao?
Cocoa is highly heat processed, removing the flavonoids and antioxidants present in the raw cacao bean. On the other hand, cacao is cool processed, less refined and therefore more nutritious.
Pacari founders Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto set out to make Ecuador recognised as a world-class chocolate producer. With up to 250 awards won at the International Chocolate Awards, for many types of chocolate; raw, containing nibs, and fruit, mint, chilli, cardamom and many more, Pacari deserved to be crowned- ‘best chocolate in the world’.
But taste and nutrition is not what gives Pacari an edge for me? Nor the fact it’s organic, soy free, nut free, vegan, kosher and palm oil free.
No, It’s the simple fact it is produced in the most sustainable, ethical and fair way. Only 1% of today’s U.K. chocolate that is produced in a cacao-producing country, returning 50% profits to its communities, compared to the other big brands selling us ‘bean to bar’ cocoa-made chocolate, just returning 7% to the growers.
Tasty, healthy and kind chocolate. Well done Pacari. But, these are just words- try it for yourself.
Mhairi Millar 

May 29, 2019

Stair Parts Online

Buzzy Lives blogger Mhairi Miller says it’s an interesting time to be decorating your home, with naturalism and engineered functionality at the fore.  

She says: “In February, the biggest UK furniture buying show declared terracotta the interior colour of 2019. What complements terracotta? A palette of cool neutrals; soft creams and greys.

As this is an era of ‘looking after our planet’, more ethical and sustainable shopping is big news, and natural fibres and fabrics reflect this. We are seeing more organic Scandi style wools, stone, bamboo furniture and wooden floors. To complement this calmness – some bright eye-catching animal prints on cushions, rugs, wall art or decorations.

Although less is more, our senses are craving every space to be filled efficiently, naturally but with a touch of wild patterns to keep us on our toes.”

Is Your House Ready for Summer?, Stair Parts Online, May 2019

The Northeast Handmade Fair

I will be working with The Northeast Handmade Fair to write about their event on the 1st September 2019. Further information about the event can be found here.

The count down really is on until the very first northeast handmade fair!
Joining us on the day will be Mhairi Millar from Buzzy Lives! 
Mhairi is a blogger from Aberdeenshire who works alongside some of the biggest events in the northeast. She’s also created a fantastic coffee map for Visit Aberdeen ☕️ 💛 you can find this here -Buzzylives – where is the good buzz in Aberdeen?
Mhairi will be coming along on the day to chat with our vendors and visitors to create a wee blog about our event, we can’t wait to see the finished article! 
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The North East Handmade Fair