Hi there! I’m Mhairi. I’m a copywriter and other fabulous things based in Bonnie Scotland!!

What started as a Coffee Blog has now become something bigger. I am a professional blogger and can help with live blogging and broadcasting from local events.

I also provide a number of other services including:

  • Administration
  • Copywriting (Web copy and sales documents for companies)
  • Content Creation (Blog posts, articles and social media updates)
  • Food Content Creation (Recipe creation in collaboration with local businesses, brand-specific blogging and copywriting (Such as Pacari Chocolate).

I am Journalism, Copywriting and Social Media Trained. I hold a Diploma in Journalism. I can be found on Instagram at FreelanceFoodFrolicks.

Currently involved in a big food project, recipe creations in collaboration with local food producers. Recipe Book & New Local Food Market planned for 2020

Did you see Mhairi and BuzzyLives in the press?

In July 2019, Mhairi and BuzzyLives was featured in the Aberdeen Business News. You can read more here.