Hi there! I’m Mhairi. I’m a copywriter and other fabulous things based in Bonnie Scotland!!

What started as a Coffee Blog has now become something bigger.

I also provide a number of other services including:

  • Administration
  • Food Content Creation (Recipe creation in collaboration with local businesses, brand-specific blogging and copywriting (Such as Pacari Chocolate).

I am Journalism, Copywriting and Social Media Trained. I hold a Diploma in Journalism. I can be found on Instagram at BuzzyLives.

Currently involved in a big food project, recipe creations in collaboration with local food producers. Recipe Book & New Local Food Market planned for 2020*

Did you see Mhairi and BuzzyLives in the press?

In July 2019, Mhairi and BuzzyLives was featured in the Aberdeen Business News. You can read more here.